Team & History

Laxfield’s founders started working together 25 years ago, and established their first independent business in 1997. Through different market cycles, and a vastly changing lending landscape, the principals have demonstrated their ability to provide debt products that the markets needs, whilst protecting their investors’ capital. Read our story below



Hard working, dedicated and determined to achieve the best for their clients, the Laxfield team combines a broad professional skillset which includes banking, accountancy, legal, property and management skills.

Adam Slater

Role: Managing Director - with oversight of capital raising, loan origination, investor relations

Previous Experience: Savills, GE Capital

Education: Durham University BSc (Hons), RICS qualified surveyor

Contact: +44 207 518 1615

Emma Huepfl

Role: Board Director - with oversight of capital raising, investments, business management

Previous Experience: Savills, GE Capital

Education: University of Oxford BA (Hons)

Contact: +44 207 518 1614

Alexandra Lanni

Role: Board Director – with oversight of investments team, debt advisory, business management

Previous Experience: Price Waterhouse Coopers, Lloyds Bank Plc

Education: University of Glasgow BSc (Hons), Qualified Chartered Accountant

Contact: +44 207 518 1618

Chris McMain

Role: Head of Investments Laxfield LLP - originates, leads and closes deals, principally for Laxfield LLP with strategic oversight of fund performance

Previous Experience: RBS Plc

Education: Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons)

Contact: +44 207 518 1619

David Robinson

Role: Head of Operations - leads operational oversight of Laxfield’s loan investments, and Laxfield LLP fund operations and reporting

Previous Experience: Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

Education: Cardiff University BSc (Hons) Qualified Chartered Accountant

Contact: +44 207 518 1720

Bryan Hawkins

Role: Investment Director - originates, leads and closes deals across Laxfield’s three lending areas. Strategic oversight of Laxfield National

Previous Experience: RBS Plc

Education: St Andrews University MA (Hons), MSc Property Investment, Reading University

Contact: +44 207 518 1616

Julia Hasan

Role: Associate Director – operational oversight of loan investments, fund operations and reporting

Previous Experience: Santander, Deutsche Postbank, Deutsche Hypo

Education: Leibniz-Akademie Hannover, Germany; FHWT Vechta, Germany

Contact: +44 207 518 1721

Varun Sarawagi

Role: Analyst – transaction team member assisting with all areas of loan underwriting and execution

Previous Experience: Nomura Securities, Pictet Group

Education: University of Singapore, University of Cambridge

Contact: +44 207 518 1612

History - Timeline

- Founders led GE Capital structured CRE lending programme
- Led Württ-Hyp's UK CRE lending business
- Established Laxfield Capital with three early deal based mandates
- New German Bank lending client
- First of 3 US Life Company lending clients
- New SWF client - initial £90m deployed
- Launched Laxfield CRE Debt Market Barometer
- Launched Laxfield Debt Advisory
- Launched Laxfield National
- Won 10th lending mandate
- Track record exceeds £9bn of transactions and >250 deals
- Barometer database exceeds £100bn in loan requests
- Laxfield establishes discretionary £500m fund Laxfield LLP
- Laxfield LLP fully deployed, upsized to £750m
- Launched Special Situations strategy


Arranged > 300 loans secured on a real estate in the UK, continental Europe and USA

Advised on further £2bn of debt advisory deals

Helped 10 global lenders into the UK market, arranged more than £10bn of net lending

Arranged 48 loans outside UK, in nine other European jurisdictions, and 6 loans in the USA

Managed more than £8bn of loans

Established 5 diversified business streams