Laxfield Analytics

Laxfield Analytics brings transparency to an opaque asset class, and the benefit to our clients of accurate, in-depth data on the real estate debt market.


Unique dataset of finance requests tracked over five years, with £100bn aggregated pool.

Public report, six monthly publication

Aggregates finance requests submitted to market, updated on deal closing

Key financial and asset metrics recorded

Anonymous aggregation of data identifies changing trends in finance demand


Debt Track is our unique, up to the minute, database of lending activity, allowing us to give clients evidence-based knowledge of market conditions and the ability quickly to identify lenders with the right capability for any deal size, term or sector.

Dynamic database tracking finance activity by lender, borrower, asset or loan type

Variable comp sets give deeper understanding of debt market by sector, region, & loan characteristics

Detailed information about lending market activity and recent terms with appropriate confidentiality boundaries

Service available to clients only