Laxfield Debt Advisory

Strategic Advice

Laxfield Debt Advisory provides strategic advice for real estate investors on their wider financing arrangements. We undertake a wide range of work around debt maturities, lender diversification and funding structures to ensure these match sponsors’ long term business objectives.

Advice on optimum funding at project or corporate level

Detailed project analysis and underwriting to determine supportable financing

Future finance requirements with supporting strategy and timetable

Benchmarking terms, advising on existing financing arrangements

Use of Debt Track for detailed market comps

Price: project specific, consultancy arrangements available

Case Study 4

Complex refinance of a 400 acre life science park

Loan: £25m

LTC: 62.5%

Term: 5 years

Case Study 5

Acquisition finance of hotel portfolio

Loan: £100m

LTV: 62.5%

Term: 5 years

Case Study 6

Strategy paper for a UK REIT, evaluating refinancing options available for a £500m debt facility.